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Perquisitum was formed in 2006. Our team of professional patent searchers have:

  • Many years of experience within IP information functions in industry and independent search companies.
  • Delivered thousands of high quality patentability/novelty, validity and infringement/FTO search reports.
  • Expertise in the chemistry/pharmaceutical and mechanical/device fields.
  • An excellent understanding of commercial requirements and priorities.

Perquisitum has been managed by Steve Royle since its inception. He began his career as an information professional with a number of UK-based independent search companies. He subsequently joined a major pharmaceutical company where he was tasked with creating a dedicated search department within their Intellectual Property Division. Steve is one of the first recipients of certification as a Qualified Patent Information Professional (QPIP).


We Can Help

  • A large information service looking for an outsourcing partner to manage periods of high demand, and expecting adherence to your levels of best practice.
  • An information professional faced with patent searches outside your specialist area.
  • A patent attorney needing specific investigations to be conducted by experts.
  • An in-house R&D department with search requirements.

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“We have delivered thousands of high quality patentability/novelty, validity and infringement/FTO search reports”

~ Perquisitum


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When filing a Registered Design application, it is important to know whether it is novel and has individual character. Alternatively, you may be considering the use of an item or design that could infringe existing rights.

Registered Design Searches


Whether you are interested in individuals or large companies, the available resources have specific nuances that affect the retrieval of a target’s patent portfolio. Perquisitum can take advantage of these to uncover the references you need to see in your name search.

Name Searches


It can be useful to conduct validity searches in stages, with a second search being tailored to learn from the findings of the initial investigation. This makes the most efficient use of your budget and helps customise the strategy.

Validity Searches