Our Approach

Our Approach


Our approach is consultative and reflects our commitment to providing thorough and professional patent search services. Our patent searchers are keen to discuss the scope and strategy with you to ensure that each investigation is fit for purpose.

Most of our clients find this approach to patent searching very beneficial, particularly if they are in possession of knowledge specific to the case or have individual requirements concerning the manner in which results need to be reported.

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Once a strategy has been agreed, patent searches will be constructed, implemented and reported to timescale and estimated budget.

All strategies are devised by our most experienced patent searchers and are subject to internal checking and validation. We have an excellent understanding of the public and expert information systems available – and their pros, cons and costs. Our wide ranging expertise and flexibility means that we will select the sources which best meet your requirements, balancing the need for maximum retrieval and precision, whilst keeping the budget under control.



Search strategies will often comprise one or more of the following methodologies:

  • Classification Searches using the major schemes, such as the International Patent Classification (IPC) and the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) systems.
  • Keyword and Controlled/Indexing Term Searches. We use multiple sources to assemble comprehensive synonyms for the concepts involved. These are then applied to wide ranging professional databases that are available in the area of interest.
  • Chemical Structure Searches. We have many years of experience in constructing structure queries and examining the indexing of the results. This enables us to optimise the balance between comprehensive retrieval while keeping the search within a realistic budget. We have a high level of expertise in using the Chemical Abstracts Registry, Beilstein, Markush (Marpat and MMS) and reaction databases and are conversant with Derwent Fragmentation coding.

We are committed to providing high quality analysis of the search results, and our reports will be tailored to your requirements.


Search Estimates

Free estimates can be provided on request and are without obligation.

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“All strategies are devised by our most experienced patent searchers and are subject to internal checking and validation”

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Some of our fields of expertise include agrochemicals and pesticides, food science, materials science & alloys, personal care and detergent formulations.


We have experience in applications of ‘smart’ technology, automotive and vehicular engineering, fluid transport, kitchen goods and medical devices.

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Perquisitum has been managed by Steve Royle since its inception. He began his career as an information professional with a number of UK-based independent search companies.

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