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When filing a Registered Design application, it is important to know whether it is novel and has individual character. Alternatively, you may be considering the use of an item or design that could infringe existing rights.

We can assist by conducting searches of Registered Designs from many jurisdictions, utilising the Locarno and US Classification schemes.

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Some of our fields of expertise include agrochemicals and pesticides, food science, materials science & alloys, personal care and detergent formulations.


We have experience in applications of ‘smart’ technology, automotive and vehicular engineering, fluid transport, kitchen goods and medical devices.

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Perquisitum has been managed by Steve Royle since its inception. He began his career as an information professional with a number of UK-based independent search companies.

FTO Searches

Identify intellectual property rights that might act as a barrier to the manufacture and marketing of your product in jurisdictions of interest.