Prior Art

Prior Art Searches


Prior art searches are intended to assist you in assessing the likelihood of patent protection being granted for your invention, and to draft and refine the scope of the claims in your patent application.


Novelty Search

A search for existing prior art describing all features of the proposed (or claimed) invention. This is aimed at uncovering any clear anticipation of your invention (ie a knock-out hit), and will usually involve a quite focused strategy.

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Patentability Search

A search for existing prior art describing some or all features of the proposed (or claimed) invention. In addition to considering novelty, this search will use a broader strategy to try and uncover references that, alone or in combination, may have relevance with regard to obviousness or inventive step.

We can devise search strategies appropriate to your requirements and budget. Please contact us to request a free estimate.

“We are committed to providing high quality analysis of the search results, and our reports will be tailored to your requirements”


When filing a Registered Design application, it is important to know whether it is novel and has individual character. Alternatively, you may be considering the use of an item or design that could infringe existing rights.

Registered Design Searches


It can be useful to conduct validity searches in stages, with a second search being tailored to learn from the findings of the initial investigation. This makes the most efficient use of your budget and helps customise the strategy.

Validity Searches


Whether you are interested in individuals or large companies, the available resources have specific nuances that affect the retrieval of a target’s patent portfolio. Perquisitum can take advantage of these to uncover the references you need to see in your name search.

Name Searches