Validity Searches

Validity Searches


One of the major steps in launching an opposition to a granted patent which has claims which appear to hinder your freedom to operate is to discover references predating the priority date of the target. Similarly, you may wish to test the validity of patent applications which have not yet been examined or for which you are considering obtaining a license.

Our aim is to devise search strategies that extend beyond the scope of those conducted previously, in order to uncover disclosures of some or all of the features of the claimed invention. In some cases, we may also look for evidence of prior use. A wide range of patent and non-patent databases can be used to maximise your chances of successfully finding pertinent documents.

It can be useful to conduct validity searches in stages, with a second search being tailored to learn from the findings of the initial investigation. This makes the most efficient use of your budget and helps customise the strategy.

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When filing a Registered Design application, it is important to know whether it is novel and has individual character. Alternatively, you may be considering the use of an item or design that could infringe existing rights.

Registered Design Searches

Freedom to Operate

Our experience and expert knowledge enables us to devise search strategies which anticipate how your product may have been described by a patentee and how this scope may have been indexed in the relevant databases.

Freedom to Operate Searches


Whether you are interested in individuals or large companies, the available resources have specific nuances that affect the retrieval of a target’s patent portfolio. Perquisitum can take advantage of these to uncover the references you need to see in your name search.

Name Searches